Google Maps adds voice instructions for the visually impaired

Added Google voice instructions more detailed and new types of ads oral direction of The within application Maps Google Maps as part of a day to World Vision, so that work Google Maps on the improvement of walking directions for people who suffer from visual impairments.

And feature voice guidance a new visually impaired persons to reach their destination when walking, according to the data, there are 36 million people worldwide suffer from visual impairment, while there are 217 million people suffer from visual impairment, moderate to severe.

And by remind users constantly that they are on the right path, giving warnings if there is a footpath crowded in front of them, telling them how after the next turn using the voice navigation detailed.

And select the technology giant’s all there is to know about this feature in the blog, since besides the constant updates, the feature send an alert operative if it took the user a wrong turn and to redirect the flight automatically.

She and Sugiyama Wakana Sugiyama, a local work of the visually worked closely with Google to build and test new feature: the frequent updates help visually impaired persons to move from one point to another, and also provides us more confidence and reassurance when travelling alone.

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She added, “It became possible to focus more on what I’m doing in my final step with voice guidance detailed in Google Maps, this helps people who are blind or suffer from low vision in exploring new places and unfamiliar”.

Started voice guidance, detailed the challenges while access to Android devices and iOS, it can be run by going to the settings of the Maps application and the navigation option, to find at the bottom of the list the option to enable “voice guidance detailed” the bottom of the title options for the.

Water is available currently in English in the United States and Japanese in Japan, with the support of the languages of the countries of the additional on the way.

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