Google Maps adds voting feature to help friends choose a place

After the coming of Google Maps has many advantages that facilitate the discovery of places like “feature found matching” (See your match) that are available how much you like a restaurant based on the hotel and your visit to other restaurants, the app comes with a new help friends to choose one of the places to visit.

Usually requires the agreement of the group of friends to a restaurant or somewhere many inscriptions and messages, which aims to feature “planning collective” (Group planning) Maps Google to solve it, as it would enable any user on Android and iOS create a list of places and send them to friends to vote on them. Knowing that this is how updates up gradually usually means that it may take some time to reach for some users.

Offer the advantage of planning is something like a “right of veto” can the Friends of the removal of a place on the list, is also available to them also add places to the list.

As for the way to use Vickers for the extended component to be added to the list appear in the floating bubble, and clicking on the bubble to show the menu items, where you will find the Up button and shared across different messaging applications.

After viewing the list, who received the menu link to open it on the phone within the app or on the web, and then vote on the places so that the voting results show directly to friends.

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