Google Maps for Android has learned to track discounts

To sit on several chairs at once is difficult, but possible. It is by example not get tired to prove to Google, sincerely believing that it does not happen. As a result, almost all apps and services the search giant feature, besides the core capabilities, a wide range of support, which in most cases it was possible to allocate a separate program. But if Google Chrome has long acquired the status of operating system in operating system, something about Google Maps say this was impossible. And sorry, decided to Google, and expanded the functionality of their cards.

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Google has begun testing an aggregator of discounts in Google Maps. While innovation is running in test mode, it is available only to users from India and only covers restaurants. Special algorithms take into account where the user happens often or has been in the past, and recommend him to visit their favorite establishments, if there is a discount on menu, service, or other services.

Applications for discounts for Android

Aggregator of discounts in Google Maps covers a total of 4,000 institutions located in 11 cities of India. The innovation tracks discounts not only in network cafes and fast food bars, but in the full restaurants. And as for the aggregation of shares and discounts EazyDiner the service answers directly from Google Maps, you can book a table or to place an order, if the institution provides such an opportunity.

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According to the confirmed information, Google is not planning to be limited only to restaurants, and intends to expand the scope of the mediation institutions of new types, and subsequently to distribute his work to other cities of India and even out of the country. It would be great if Google Maps will be able to compare the prices of foods in different stores, to offer users the most available options for placements in hotels and – what the hell – the best of air travel.

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