Google Maps gets new update brings with it new features for general

Google Maps

I got the Maps application Google Maps on Update suitable for summer which makes using public transportation more predictable. Starting from today, you give Google Inc. to bring two new features to users of Google Maps who like to use public transport.

You know water the first delay bus directly. Usually done to estimate the bus route based on the average time it takes for the bus across the track and sometimes the amount of time spent before access to the terminal. However, thanks to the new feature will display delays of live bus routes in the Transport Agency local that don’t know the starts, live bus departure.

The other feature is the forecast congestion. We expected that Google launched such a feature when the company started gradually months ago Press users of Google Maps from their observations was one of the questions is what if the road is crowded or not.

In the same way that it can predict traffic traffic, can Google Maps also now warn you when the train is crowded persons predicts whether there are seats, or just a place to stand in your trip. Generally, is currently being launched with these new features for Google Maps on the platform Android and iOS with support for over 200 cities around the world and transportation networks own.


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