Google Maps has learned to monitor the workload of urban transport

Rare service provided by Google is limited to only one function. Most often, the search giant’s developers provide their applications and services, in addition to the main, a wide range of support options. The result is Chrome able to install third-party apps, Google Play – search for viruses, and Google Maps have evolved from simple map service platform is an aggregator of information about how alive and growing the city in which you live.

This week Google released an updated version of Google Maps for Android, which added the feature of tracking the congestion of public transport. However, cards get this information from city services, and directly from their algorithms that can independently make predictions by analyzing data of past trips of the user.

Update Google Maps

To Google Maps learned to predict the load level of Google within a few months he taught algorithms, prompting the user relevant information. “Card” sent to random users who completed the journey on public transport, a request about how it is loaded. In response, we offered options like “plenty of seats available”, “not enough free space”, “standing room only” or “standing room crowded”.

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According to Google Maps predict the workload of public transport in more than 200 major cities around the world. But as the innovation spreads gradually, to talk about where this function operates in the normal mode, and in the test – it is still very difficult. However, not to wait until the projections will become available in your city, you can use the service “Yandex.Transport”, which operates in a much larger number of cities and in General is focused on Russia, the tracking workload in various types of transport.

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Appendix: Maps: navigation and public transport
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