Google Maps help in the return of a child lost to her parents

Always learn the modern technology to criticism, especially when used by people in ways that are not ideal but they in spite of all these criticisms offer the features and benefits of the irreplaceable. Today spread a story illustrating the importance of the role played by technology in re baby girl lost to her father with the help of Google Maps.

According to reports, the girl at the age of 12 years may be lost in the city of Delhi in India as on 21 March seventh when she was the girl in the case of mental/psychological unstable they have gone to the nearest company. The girl suffered from being unable to remember any details about her life and all I remember is that she is from the village of Khurja as I mentioned the name of her father but the police station could not locate this village as no one here was most likely that the girl remember the name of the village wrong.

Stated one of the police officers: “we tried every effort to find the girl’s family but we couldn’t access any evidence of this where she is unable to remember the name of her village, the actual also that the research team had gone to the village that you mentioned the girl however, no one may know them there so after a lot of effort to locate this village.”

In this part comes the role of Google Maps and this is where that the police officers had asked the girl whether she remember any places near her village, and here the girl mentioned some places like the car, the ones Korea, and there began the officers in the introduction of this places in Google map so they can locate the village of the girl, so after 4 months of attempts!

Source: Beebom

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