Google Maps is testing the feature alerts the user when changing a taxi driver the original route

Although the efficiency from the use of Google Maps and a Navigator to argue, few much, this mapping application is in the sleeve a couple of useful functions, one of which is to ensure that your taxi or public transport adhered to the route.

Discovered her team of developers from the XDA Developers website, I’m sure this feature will help you to stay safe, regardless of whether you use a private taxi or public transport.

A new feature of Google Maps will protect users from unscrupulous taxi drivers

Reading about a new feature, I immediately thought the second episode in the new season of the amazing series “Black mirror”, in which a taxi driver… No, spoilers will not be today. However, this series I strongly suggest to watch anyone who lives in the modern world, and regularly uses gadgets, as it shows all of our mired in the technologies of reality reflection in the black mirror, which, I believe, is an allegory in the switched-off smartphone screen (computer, TV, etc.).

Let us return to the new feature of Google Maps that appeared shortly after the recent addition of Cards of the speedometer and warning about natural disasters. Alarms on deviation from the assigned route will alert the user at the time when the transport will deviate from the course by 500 meters.

With a strong deviation from the predetermined course, the Cards will try to build the route again — as it would when using conventional navigation. To access these alerts in Google Maps, you just need to activate the switch “safer Stay” (Stay safe) on the bottom of the application interface. From there you can share your route with another user so it can track your movements online.

At Uber, incidentally, has a similar function, which allows real-time tracking of your trip to friends or family members. However, adding such functionality in popular web mapping application definitely will not be superfluous, when you find yourself in the cabin of someone’s car in an unfamiliar (or familiar) city.

Until notification of deviation from the route in Google Maps work only in India

It is not yet clear whether she will appear in other regions, but, as claimed by the publication XDA Developers, currently this feature works only in India. Nonetheless, India is usually a kind of testing ground for new features of Google Maps, which is not surprising, given the level of crime in this country, both on the road and beyond.

If you find a new feature alerts the deviation from the chosen route and are not in India, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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