Google Maps make exploring new cities much more fun

Choose Google Maps will soon feature a new popular social networks, such as Facebook, which allow to find other users to follow, but in the case of Google Maps, the feature is the possibility to follow the local guides (local guides), Local Guides.

And the announcement of the new feature in the annual summit guides local Connect Live, can guides, local community members Maps Google who are reviewing the business activity and share pictures and other knowledge within Google Maps, as part of the rewards program the largest.

It was the launch of the programme for local guides in the year 2015, and allows the shareholders of the maps most active to obtain their place as specialists in tasting kinds of food in my mother tongue.

And guides, locals more guest-related business and are images to help users of Google Maps and others to recognize the the region.

And guides, locals in contrast to a variety of privileges, such as early access to new features, meetings, local, exclusive, and free access to Google services, in addition to discounts and coupons, and more.

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Google explained that they began a pilot program allows users of its maps in the specific markets you follow the most important local directories by clicking on the “Continue” button again on the profile pages for these users.

And shows through the recommendations of the local guides when using Google Maps, as the user finds the product recommendations of local guides in a new section in the tab “for you” in the Maps application.

Avoid Google the program in the current time in Bangkok, Delhi, London, Mexico City, New York, Osaka, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, it is supposed to expand the program to more markets later.

Recall that the program of the Local Guides is the source of information a group of ordinary people, not from critics of the content or an auditor, this means that the quality of the audits of local guides may vary, but it seems that Google is more interested currently the participation of local guides and the amount of revisions, rather than the accuracy of the audit, or quality.

Became have Google now active community featuring a 120 million local guide on Google Maps via 24 thousand City and town, there are more than a million people are using the application to its maps every month, and they are looking not only for directions, but looking around the world for things to do.

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