Google Maps may get new feature highlights on the streets with bright lighting

Google Maps - Android 10

When you’re heading home late at night, it is generally good behavior areas with bright lighting, instead of trying to shortcut the road by the behavior of some dark roads. However, what if you don’t know that area well? How will you know which way should you conduct it?

This is something that require Google Inc to help you through the mapping service Google Maps. According to a new report recently released from the developers forum XDA Developers, it has found out some developers that the company Google is working on a new feature in the map service Google Maps calls it the name ” Lightning“, it seems that this feature was developed to view the streets with good lighting for users.

This means that in case of failure to walk in the dark street and find the street safer and bright lighting, you can use Google Maps to find it. We’re not sure of the shape that will have this feature yet, or whether it can be limited to certain areas, but it seems like a good idea.

However, according to the forum XDA Developers, based on the code that they found her, they would only light on the streets brightly lit in yellow. They suggest also that it can be tested in India first before making its way to other regions of the world, but we assume that we will have to wait and wait just before to make sure everything.

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