Google Maps on Android and iPhone you get the advantage of the trends of the AR

The service I got Google Maps on Android and iPhone on the feature vectors, the AR now known as Google Maps Live View, which appeared for the first time on the phones Pixel from Google earlier this year.

Feature allows users to identify the streets to reach the destination through augmented reality technology, so that through the camera to smartphones, you can as a user to open Google Maps and turn on the feature to open the camera that will give you the names of the streets and surrounding areas in real time during your movement, in addition to stock trends which should be delivered within the phone’s screen to facilitate the identification of buildings and face more easily.

Will be Android phones that support ARCore and iPhone that support ARKit able to take advantage of the feature directions the application of Google Maps, so that it can now after the update the app experience the water through the following instructions:

  • Looking for a site that you want to go on the map.
  • Click directions at the bottom.
  • Select the directions to walk in the top of the screen.
  • Click on the option to Live View the new in the bottom of the screen.

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