Google Maps provide the user the option to follow his favorite places

خرائط قوقل توفر للمستخدم خيار متابعة أماكنه المفضلة

The company launched Google, a new feature for Android devices through the application of VAM, the famous “Google Maps” the user will be able to easily make up the places your favorite and be familiar with the level of the All-New around, the process will be similar to largely follow the account on Twitter.

Will the new update of the follow-up, where currently the user interested, such as with the sale of clothing; all you just have to click on the icon to follow, which in turn will make him aware of all developments in the place of future events and performances as well as for any other updates regarding the opening of additional branches new for the same in other areas.

This is considered a step from Google towards making the Maps application with the characteristics of a social More, which allows the opportunity to interaction by users with wider scope and in a manner different to Arabia, which is expected to relate to the user on the follow-up to places only to stage a follow-up and comments of mutual friends in the future.

It is likely that Google is seeking with this new update to find an alternative to serve notices Nearby which announced the arrest on the seventh of December, but within the framework of the MG as it was the previous service.

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