Google Maps will alert you now, what if the taxi has gone out of the way


When you are traveling to a country or new area or even go somewhere unfamiliar of your town, you’ll have your doubts about the cab driver, and for that very reason some say to save a tab in Google Maps while moving forward towards the road, therefore will a person’s look frequently on his phone to note any error in the route of the road, but right now Google Maps to the use case and the work in the background and notifies you when you get out the taxi from the logical path.

In respect of the possibility to use, first open Google Maps and search for development directions to your destination, and then click on the button “to stay safer” from the menu at the bottom, there you will find alerts out of the way, enable the option and then start your journey.

خرائط قوقل تُنبهك الآن ما إذا كانت سيارة الأجرة قد خرجت عن الطريق

On the other hand, will be tracking your current journey with a banner in the app states that you will be alerted if the driver had swallowed a distance of 500 metres on the right track, of course, this distance is sufficient to make small adjustments and preferences personal leadership and avoid the traffic.

خرائط قوقل تُنبهك الآن ما إذا كانت سيارة الأجرة قد خرجت عن الطريق

Finally, this feature appears for some users of Google Maps, so understands it from the server-side and currently in some countries, so not sure it will be for everyone, but we hope the opposite.

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