Google Maps will get the translation function

Google Maps adds an interpreter right in the application interface. It may seem that such an option will only overload the already functional program. However, it is not so. The first thing that comes to mind is a new option greatly facilitate communication for people traveling to other countries. With built-in translation is available with the option of converting text to speech.

Google Maps acquires new functions

Why Google Maps need an interpreter?

Let’s face the truth: most people that travel outside their home country, I do not know a foreign language at the appropriate level. Yes, of course, most people somehow will be able to speak English with the locals. But what if the English don’t know? How to ask for directions or to call the taxi driver the destination? Of course, now there are a lot of apps of this kind and when you don’t speak some language, you can use a specialized program or dictionary. But they mostly focused on everyday communication, and not on names of places or locations.

Now, instead of thinking about how to convey to the locals that’s where you need to get, you can just click in the Google Maps app. Moreover, Google Maps now also will suggest you go to Google Translate if you need to continue the conversation further.

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The new function works as follows: the program determines the language of your phone and chooses it as the primary language of the system. A second language, which (and with which), actually, will need to translate, selected on the basis of location or map that you are currently studying. For example, if the native Russian language will view a map of Tokyo with the edge of the screen he can see the speaker icon. Clicking on it will launch a option translation. It seems to us that this is a very good decision. What do you think about this feature? Express your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

An example of the program

Surprisingly, this kind of functionality to transform text to speech was not included in Google Maps before, given that this is one of the most popular kartograficheskikh services for travel. Function Translate for Google Maps will appear later this month on devices running iOS and Android, with initial support for 50 languages (such as Russian even supported). In the future, according to Google, the number of supported languages will only expand.

It should be noted that Google is very much committed to the integration of their services with each other. I have the feeling that the company really thinks about the creation of some ecosystems. If before the search giant, as if ponasozdavali a lot of disparate programs for a variety of purposes, but now they decided to bring them “to a common denominator”. This is actually very commendable. After all, these great services are very popular with users. And this will further strengthen Google’s position in the market of mobile applications and services.

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