Google match developer add-ons Chrome to reduce their access to data users

Student Google Developer plugins browser Chrome and drive re-check Privacy Options even request a minimum of user data without impact on its operation.

Reported Google it demanded the developers of the plugins to modify this so that it only requests access to the data they need for their work.

As a student of the developers of the plugins that deal with the data introduced by the user to publish privacy policies and storage of that data across the page add-on Add-ons Store.

Had Google Developers the duration of 90 days to file their ideas under pain of cancellation activated and prevent users from downloading them.

And Google to put privacy policy of the new browser Chrome under implementation in the fall, and will add more details about them in the current summer.

All of this comes under what is known as Project Strobe it is a project developed by Google last October to improve the protection and the safety and privacy of the user on the Google services and Android devices.

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