Google may detect the error from the pixel design 3

Strong support for Android P sector excess in the screen planting doubts about her in pixels 3/3 XL, except that the software P Public Beta seem to confirm that.

Appears in the Android oreo seven notifications in the status bar, while the Android platform P is limited to four, it may be increased later, it leaves a large space between the previous and on the left, cellular connection and battery status on the right.

This may be just an empty theory is not sufficient to emphasize something, but there are 3 reasons to make us believe that the gap between the notifications back to the intention of the Google follow Widget theme of excess in 2018 the series of pixels.

First, the Android platform P supports cutting the screen even when you disable the property, i.e., that the notices could not fill the gap and what it is even if the phone does not carry an extra piece.

Secondly, Android oreo we knew about the copy of their demo it to test the software pixel the fact and details of the same are present when they arrive officially.

Thirdly, one of the sources that supply the components of the pixels 3 a glimpse to observe what it would look like the notifications bar in Android P, and if you look closely you’ll see that the widget Area Extra does not fit the Android phones available with already such as the signal PH-1 where there’s a vacuum for no reason, what may mean that Google choose the design of the pixel 3 and the size cut the excess.

Of course, expected to support Android version P final notices fully funded on a reality show for smartphones that don’t have an extra piece, where there will be no meaning of not to do that, only that the company is currently focused on the development of its phones leading the next.

It is worth mentioning that resource, Google itself revealed that the pixel 3/ 3 XL would be prohibitive compared to the cost of its successor as best overtake the competitors, what explains why state of software testing in this early time.

Source: Forbes

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