Google may know about the Pixel 4a next month

Google may know about the Pixel 4a next month

Revealed the source code to develop a camera, a subsidiary of Google that the company plans to announce a phone a third of the series (Pixels) Pixel through the event area during the second third of the month of October next.

Found the site 9to5Google – a specialist in Google News and products – in the source code the code name for the Needlefish, which predicts that refers to the phone (pixels 4A) Pixel 4a, in addition to the Symbolists: Coral, and Flame; the phone involved (Pixel 4), and(4 Pixel XL).

Although the launch (Pixel 4A) to the side (Pixel 4), and(4 Pixel XL) is still just a forecast, however, the site 9to5Google had found this codename months ago as a signal to Qualcomm, which has been interpreted to Android device with a processor from Qualcomm.

In the event, the company announced the Golgi cell (Pixel 4A) next month, it would be surprising, since contrary to what the company did with my phone (the Pixel I), and(PX I X L), which announced after 8 months from the announcement of the (PX 3), and(Pixel 3 x-L).

The site 9to5Google noted that Google had planned to launch (Pixel a), Besides the (Pixel 3), but delayed its launch, so I believe that the company intends to launch phones high specifications, low specifications, similar to other competing companies.

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Google may know about the Pixel 4a next month

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