Google may launch a line of subscription in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store

At the moment, is still the system used to buy movies, songs, applications, digital is the selling system so that you pay for what you want. However, we are beginning to see a shift towards a system of subscription, where you pay a fee monthly in exchange for access to an unlimited number of songs and movies.

It seems that Google require to rely on this system, or at least that’s what he says the developers in the XDA forum Developers who have discovered what is called a ” Play Pass “. According to that name and also code that have been discovered, it seems that Google deals with the idea of creating a subscription service, gives users access to some apps and games for a fixed monthly fee.

It is still not clear how it will work and how to determine which applications will be part of this subscription, but it is not surprising that they are looking at it. We’ve seen companies like Microsoft and Adobe use subscription system successfully, and add on this is that Apple encourages developers to adopt the system of subscription in their app.

This system is more sustainable for all, and add to that the constant flow of revenue would motivate the developers to continue updating their apps with new features. As also ensures access to companies like Apple and Google on the continuous flow of revenue, and that the system ensures users get constant updates. As we said earlier, it remains to be seen how skip Google exactly to implement such a system, so we will have to wait to find out.


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