Google may launch a version of XL only pixels 5

About two weeks ago launched Google phone to its average pixel 4a is priced at $ 399 USD it is perhaps an ideal phone for people who wanted a relatively small screen, and taking this information into account as well as the reports and currently available gap may not require the normal of the Pixel 5 and just release a XL.

What increased the power of the common is that the local tea knowledge, Ross Young had talked about the new phone from Google large-screen led by 6.67-inch type OLED, this screen will also support a frequency of 120 hertz, which increases the possibilities of having the version of XL only with significant improvements, most notably the soil.

Expected to comes phone pixels 5 XL in the category of 699 USD, and beside these attractive features of the company only to the phone as indicated in previous leaks will come with a processor Snapdragon 765G expected with rear camera, bi.

Source: Gizchina

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