Google, Microsoft and Amazon are planning to move manufacturing operations outside of China

Halal summit of the G20 -or the top twenty in Japan last week, U.S. President Donald Trump to take interesting decisions especially those that relate to the lifting of the ban on WOW relatively, according to a report released by Nikkei Asian we are now going to share a large number of companies with technical pumping and transporting a large part of its capacity Zionists within China, and speakers attached to each other certainly.

The new tax that has been imposed on smart phones, notebooks and gaming devices will see a marked increase in the prices of these products for the citizens in the United States, thus, the company’s technical giant, especially technical, it will start to transfer power industrial outside of China a little, so that Dell would spend about 30% of our industrial and HP will be from 20% to 30% of our industrial outside China.

Now, most companies drenching Big looking for a great opportunity in the rest of the countries of Asia such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and on May Google said it will be for new methods of production and manufacturing such as الـNest Production, too, said Amazon will begin the steps similar with Kindle devices our devices Echo and even the company Nintendo, which owns the gaming device which carries the same name will produce devices cheaper are assembled in Vietnam.

Also, he has mentioned the names of a great technique too, such as Microsoft, Google, Sony, Lenovo, and Acer in this report, and all of these companies are not sure how will affect tax and the new definitions that will be applied the President Trump all in the way they look the methods of manufacturing the new, it is reported that this tax will also be on the factory Foxconn which is the task of the manufacturing and assembly of the iPhone devices.

While the technical companies in an effort to actually get out of China still in front of China some time to find a solution to this problem as a whole, this is because create technology companies about China as a source of pumping is going to affect negatively on the economy of the entire country.

Source: TechSpot

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