Google no longer allow apps that promote the sale of prohibited items on the Google Play Store


The Google company once again updated the instructions at the Google Play Store, this time the police decided to clamp down on apps that sell items is not approved. The company is working on updating these guidelines often to ensure that it stays Store Google Play Store free of apps that may cause harm to the users. It has considered the police now that these applications fall into this category, and therefore decided to ban them from the Google Play Store.

Is put this instruction to make sure that the Google Play Store free of illicit content. There are still a lot of opportunity to learn in that regard, but Google is taking steps to systematically address this issue.

The latest apps that are blocked as a result of improved guidance of the store are those that promote or sell materials that are not supported by the App Store. Thus, the company means any supplements banned or non-approved, drugs, supplements, components of risk, products containing allegations of misleading about its benefits.

In a related move, the company Google also updated the definitions of ” event expense ” or ” harassment ” which is in the category of inappropriate content. Examples include the development on the victims of international conflict, religious or denial of a tragic event is large, both of which are now considered two of the content presented on the Google Store.


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