Google now for Android has received support quick commands. How to set

I love Google now and regularly use them. Unlike Siri on the iOS voice assistant search giant more deeply integrated with the Android and allows you with great convenience to interact with the operating system. It is possible to ask to translate the text, to find a product online at the pictures, read the contents of the website, to return wrongly purchased in the Google Play app, not to mention control music playback, set alarms and other things. However, due to the fact that be controlled Google Assistant could only vote or through correspondence, many avoided using them, hesitate to contact their phone. Good that Google figured it out.

Google now finally has received the support of quick commands

What Apple should learn from Google, or what I love about Google Assistant

Google launched app Action Blocks for Android. It allows you to create a kind of shortcuts, quick commands Google Assistant, which you can place on your desktop and activate the desired action, without referring to the assistant voice. That is, in fact, Action Blocks is similar to Siri on iOS Shortcuts, and its key difference from proprietary Apple applications is less extensive set of features, although the Google will clearly be more capable than Siri. However, the purpose of the Action Blocks a little more.

How to operate a quick Google Assistant

To interact with Google Assistant will be easier with shortcuts, quick commands

Objective Action Blocks is not expanding the capabilities of the device, like Siri Shortcuts that really adds to the device functionality, and to simplify interaction with it. For example, it used to set the alarm, you should first call the assist, then say the appropriate command, to assign, to check, whether correctly he understood, and then confirm the action. With Action Blocks you can make Google remember you need action, saved it, and you’ll just press the shortcut on the desktop to activate it.

How do I use Google Assistant

While the Action Blocks are available only in English, which, however, does not prevent you to download it. At the time of publication is available in the Russian segment of Google Play is absolutely free of charge. Well, to make it easier to understand the peculiarities of the programs and configure everything the way you want, though its interface is simple and logical, I offer you this small manual.

How to create a quick command for Google Assistant

Setting up speed command is extremely simple

  • Click Create Action Block to create a shortcut with the command;
  • Select from the offered, or click the Create custom action to create your own;

Fast teams are doing themselves what they previously had to do you

  • Click on the microphone icon and say the command voice or write it on the keyboard;
  • Click Test action to make sure that Google correctly recognize the command;
  • Select the icon for the shortcut with fast team and name it;

Shortcuts, quick commands — it’s actually functional widgets

  • Save a quick command, and place it on your desktop.

Google has taught the Google Assistant to read the text on the screen aloud

In my opinion, Action Blocks can be a decisive factor in favor of promoting Google Assistant. Not only that, thanks to the labels with fast teams assistant will be able to use those who hesitate to refer to your smartphone’s voice, so they also will help facilitate the use of the elderly. Practice shows that the majority of elderly users interact with their smartphones only within a certain functional range. However, with the shortcuts they will be able to do much more without having to remember ways to activate certain features.

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