Google Now provides the feature of automatic deletion date of the user’s location

I began the search giant today pushed a new feature that allows users to select automatic deletion of the record date of the user’s location.

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Allows Google Now users to select Save or delete the record of the history of the site from the user’s account, where there is now an auto-delete feature records the history of the site from the users account, it also allows users to also automatic deletion of records user activity on the search and also.

I have been paying water users new today on my platform Andorid and iOS, where it was advertising this feature for the first time during the month of May, and today they are paying the water already, where you will have the user choose to delete the log automatically after 3 or 18 months.

The new feature gradually have users, where they appear in the user’s account in the tab “My Activity” when you provide water, such as the user can choose automatic deletion of records after 3 or 18 months.


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