Google now will learn to take notes for you

Google in recent years has become literally “possessed” his voice assistant. And not to say that it’s bad. We personally only, because new features is always good. As you know, lately the search giant has considerably updated its voice assistant. But ahead of us is extremely interesting innovations. For example, very soon Google Assistant will be more closely integrated with third-party applications. In particular, he will be able to take notes and create reminders almost without your participation.

Google now is getting better

How Google now helps manage your notes?

To begin, we note that integration with the apps to create notes will be available not only on smartphones, but also tablets and even on smart columns that are able to work in tandem with Google Assistant. And with the next update almost all devices will receive support from the new voice assistant feature.

Also interesting is the fact that to support the new function of Assistant will not only “Google release” Google Keep app, but, as well as any program to create notes. We recently told you about the best programs in this category. So we recommend you to read them at this linkand subscribe to our channel in the Telegram , in order not to miss these collections, as well as news mobile technology in the future.

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According to Google, this option is quite simple. You need to go to the tab “Services” in the settings of your Google Assistant, and then select the desired application from the section “Notes and lists”. All applications of this kind should appear in this list. At least, if this does not happen, you will need to wait for the new latest version from the developer. In Google they say that all the main creators of the programs from this category in the course of the coming innovations.

But what will be able to updated Google now? According to the publication Techradar , citing a Google, a new feature to some extent timed to the new year and Christmas holidays. Himself, the search giant says the following:

You can give the Assistant commands such as “make a list of holiday gifts”, “add cranberries to your shopping list” and so on. Although feel free to experiment, as the assistant learns and begins to better recognize spoken words. With new features, you can quite easily make lists, to remember that you need to buy, regardless of what programs to do you use.

This new functionality does not end there. Google offers several ways to use helper: for example, sending reminders to specific family members or the appointment to suit your schedule from Google Calendar. That is, the Assistant can send a reminder to someone from your contact list to ensure that not only you remembered the meeting, but also someone with whom you have common cause, also nothing is forgotten. Quite a handy option.

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