Google obliged the developers to specify the chances of getting cases in games

Now called cases or luchbox are a major part of the gaming industry. In fact, in many games you play, you pay real money or game currency for something, subsequent the opening of which, after payment, will surprise you, as it is chosen randomly. And the chances of getting something cool is always very low, not to mention some really valuable things. To help gamers in this unfair lottery, Google has started to require developers to disclose the actual odds of winning something decent in their games.

Google is going to deal with cheating in Google Play

It is believed that lottery cases are mainly aimed at children. In this regard, and some other inappropriate things in Google Play the company is now actively introducing new policies and rules for its app store. Some of them we have already reported in a separate article. As for cases, the company itself describes it as follows:

In applications that provide mechanisms for getting random virtual items due to their purchase (i.e. “luchboxes”) should clearly indicate the odds of obtaining these items before the purchase.

Fortunately, many of the major games are already ahead of their counterparts around the store a bit and revealed this information in their games. For example, “Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes” has added the option of specifying the probability of the items in the cases in August last year. The same goes for the recently released game “Godzilla Defense Force”, which indicate that the chances to get a card with 5 stars in certain decks be 4%. In other decks it is only 1%.

Why is everyone so sharply started to pay attention to luchbox

Early disclosure of this information, probably due to the various trials and legal acts, which are increasingly appearing all over the world. Pay-randomized case — unlike items earned in normal gameplay — attracted the attention of the special regulatory bodies in the last few years.

Belgium, for example, recently identified luchbox as a form of gambling, forcing some developers to either stop offering them in their games or display games with the Belgian market. China began to demand from the gaming companies to disclose odds of getting valuable items in 2017, and the new bill, the United States banned the sale of luchboxes minors.

Yes, almost every time, if you are curious it, the chances of success are very low, but at least you’ll know exactly how bad things are. New rules should be followed by application developers prior to September 1, 2019.

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