Google offers is now officially the Google Play Store by the new design to all users

I began the search giant officially in the payment of the new version of the Google Play Store to all users today, which applies the design supports users with a better experience and clearer.

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Provide the new update to follow Google Play redesigned on some devices already, and then officially launched now for all users, where the new design to follow Google Play on the idea of display and interface the most obvious.

I have appeared the new design to follow Google Play for the first time during the conference Google I/O last year, where I made sure the search giant since that time to test the new design and make the necessary changes.

And the most important changes that comes with new styling to follow the Google Play in changing the position of the marks tab to navigate in the Google Play Store, which previously came in the top of the Google Play Store, while the come tabs important important in the lower part of the same experience for iOS, as it comes tab your categories of apps at the bottom, while others come in horizontal screen mode in the tablet to the left of the screen.

Show sub-tabs in the upper part of the interface of the Google Play Store, however, these groups do not support the scrolling sidebar to navigate, since there are a lot of tools that supports scrolling sidebar is already in the app, also comes the Google Play Store now balthy white, while show the categories in different colors in the application, it is expected that adds style theme dark for a better appearance at its launch in update Android Q.


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