Google offers phone Pixel 3a of the markets at a price of 450 euros

Report confirmed New posted from Germany today that Google offers phone Pixel 3a with a starting price of $ 450, to be expected in the markets during the spring of this year.

Google Pixel 3a

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Is Phone Pixel 3a the latest versions of Google related launched soon from the category of phones available, offering from the search giant with telephone 3a XL, both versions in the spring of this year.

The latest leaks today about the release of the smaller of the phones Google Pixel 3a, where it was pointed out that Google will be this version at a starting price of $ 450 for the model representative of the memory random 4 GB RAM and storage capacity of 64 GB, only that the leaks did not confirm the models to the top of the phone until now.

Also scheduled, according to the report, which came from Germany that the phone is available in the U.S. market exclusively on Verizon when it is launched officially, the report also indicates that the memory random top 6 GB RAM will be available for version biggest 3a XL.

On the other hand, applies to all of my phone Pixel 3a 3A XL to markets in the colors black and white, with the forecast model else purple which now displays the color of the Iris.

Recall that the previous leaks indicated that the phone Pixel 3a comes with a display size of 5.6 inches, while the greater version of the phone 3a XL screen 6 inches, also is expected to support the phones processor chip Snapdragon 670 or 710, while both phones camera background accurately 12 mega pixel camera and front accurately 8 mega pixel camera.


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