Google offers phone Pixel 4 soon three choices in colors

Goes Google conference on 15 of October for the official announcement about phones Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL, and today confirmed the details of three colors provided by the Google phones Pixel 4 this year.

Offer Google phones Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL this year both of the colors of white, black and Orange, where applicable, the orange color of the phone is entitled ” Oh So Orange”, while the Black color is titled”Just Black”, it comes white color, entitled”Clearly White”.

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I have revealed the titles new colors for Pixel 4 through the site 9to5Google, appeared as a billboard in New York Times Square confirm the address of the orange color for the Pixel 4.

And I knew the search giant Google choices of non-traditional addresses to the colors of its smart phones where made for versions Pixel clock colors titled Quite Black, Very Silver, Kinda Blue, the Clearly White and Not Pink.

The report of 9to5Google that Google will keep the phones Pixel 4 choices more in colors including blue, black, orange, among other colors, is expected to take delivery of in the detection of more specifications and features provided by Google in phones Pixel 4 this year.


I know of

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