Google offers video game allows you to create video games

Company introduced Google video game called “Game Builder“, which lets anyone design games simple three-dimensional to play out within the user interface on the model of the game Minecraft, so the game allows the possibility to drag and drop the characters and the landscape to build the game, then use the specific orders in advance to determine how the interaction of things.

The game is free to play, available for Windows; the Mac, and people who don’t have any programming expertise or technology for the gaming industry.

Come to the game Area 120, a workshop and incubator for Google’s pilot projects, which allowed the Game Builder through Steam since the first of the month of November last year, but Google’s published by now, so after that I got the 190 assessment of the outcome was very positive.

Produced incubator Google interior Area 120, many things, such as applying to teach programming and tools to promote literacy, and now want to help players find games three-dimensional, but without having the necessary experience.

According to Google, the Game Builder dedicated to those who have an idea for a video game, but they don’t have any experience at all, as it is particularly dedicated to current players who have already familiar with in a constructive manner to the game Minecraft based on drag-and-drop.

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And Platform Game Builder free to put real-time collaboration, so multiple users can create games or play them one at a time, as can also share the game and become the games that are made by others.

The game is characterized with the system software visible depends on the drag-and-drop-based cards to build three-dimensional, which makes him choose instructions programming through a number of conditional statements, so that you can drag and drop the cards to answer questions, such as “how do I move?”.

As players can use JavaScript to JavaScript to write the code and bypass some of the features programmed in advance.

And they Google on the Poly, which is a library of objects three-dimensional, to give users a lot of options to find the level of their design, as there are thousands of three-dimensional models to use when creating characters, Google hopes that the area attracts everyone from beginners to designers of games experienced.


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