Google: official Gmail application capable of protecting your data

Only the official Gmail app is able to provide maximum protection of confidential data, preserving the secrecy of correspondence. It follows from the content of the email that Google sends to users who sign into third-party client using your email address.

“Your security is very important for us, — says the letter. — Many users are not even aware that they use non-Gmail apps on their devices. Such applications may not offer the same data protection tools like Gmail”.

Why prefer Gmail to other clients

Here is a list of reasons why, according to Google, you should use only the official Gmail client:

— Gmail does not send information about your location, IP and other information;
— All attachments that you send and receive Gmail users, are automatically checked for viruses;
All messages sent through Gmail, must use encryption, preventing their reading of the outsiders.

Who is reading your correspondence

Previously, Google confirmedthat the access to the messages of Gmail users but they can also be the creators of third-party email clients. According to representatives of Google, the company is carefully watching those who can read your messages, allowing to do it only to trusted developers.

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App: Gmail

Developer: Google LLC
Category: Communication
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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