Google officially announced that it will close Google Inbox in the next year

Google Inbox

In 2014, the Gmail team at Google launched Google Inbox. Of course, this app does the same work in the Gmail app, basic but it provided the experience of using the different compared to the application of the Statute. The app is developed with the development of mobile devices into account. However, it seems that the adventure Google Inbox near the end of it because Google announced today that it will close the app in the next year.

Become a Google Inbox lately Square to test new features such as responses to intelligent which the Google Inc. added later for the Gmail platform. Moved many of the features and improvements Google Inbox to the Gmail app basic is gradual, so there have become the reasons for slim company pays Google to keep the Google Inbox.

Google announced today that they will be closing the Google Inbox in March of next year. Of course, this news will be sad for those who have fallen in love with Google Inbox, while this news will not interest those who prefer to use the Gmail app to basic instead of this app.

The company demonstrated Google in recent months, they work to bring new features faster to the Gmail app. Maybe the company will focus now their energy on improving the Gmail app basic more, but this is at a faster pace than ever before. Users can always activate the settings appropriate to the experience of existing features in the experimental stage and not activated by default.


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