Google officially closed the chat service Instant Google Allo


Google announced last year that it would close the chat service Google but at the same time in the month of March. And remember the company exactly when you’re gonna do it in March, but if you want to browse the service site on the web, you’ll see a banner at the top of the page stating that the closure of the service Google but at the same time officially on March 12th, which means yesterday.

Assume that it would be more appropriate if the company Google introduced this notice before, but to be fair, it has Google announced its plans to close the service Google but at the same time three months ago. And for those who use the service until today or recently, I got a Google Support page where you can learn how to download, record your conversations and save them, as well as how to backup audio and video files received through the Google Allo to Google Photos.

Been advertising on Google but at the same time in the original two years ago, and exactly at the conference, Google’s annual developers Google I/O, was Google company Aspire through this service to provide a new platform to chat to consumers, especially after the company began allocating service Google Hangouts for customers in the companies.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Google service but at the same time were not very popular which explains why signed company Google. However, still the company Google maintains the Google Duo, which lets users conduct voice conversations and video note that the company Google has recently also launched a web version of this service.


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