Google officially reveal the name of the Android P and start bringing it to phones pixel

Android Pie

Google revealed finally and officially name Android P , then send it via update antenna to the identity of its smart model pixel.

After 5 version trial and several months of tests revealed Google today officially for the final version and stable of the Android system 9 which carry the name of the Android Pie means “pie” in Arabic, and contrary to the expectations and arrangements previously referred to the new version of the operating system you will get the name “pistachio” or Android Pistachio.

On another note, the new version started up already to phones pixel 2 of Google, which means that other smart phone companies are able to modify the Android version bei, as appropriate for their duties and bring them into its smart phones, but this may take some time.

Try Google in the Android version eBay focus on simplicity and intelligence, where Pat offers a completely new experience in navigation between menus rely on gestures to where has been removed the multitasking button to permanently transfer its properties to the Home button.

android Pie
android Pie
android Pie

android Pie

In addition to changing the way you view notifications – which have become more appropriate for applications instant messaging – the list of system settings is also changed dramatically, where the tab battery consumption Battery Saver is more complex and offers a detailed blueprint on the consumption and charge the battery. In line with the design you want use design, Google has made the freezing of all icons in the Android Pie.

Google has already begun sending the new version to the phones pixels via update antenna OTA brings with it a bouquet, a security patch for the month of August, and is expected to reach all users of phones Google within hours or a few days.

Supposed that Google is working with smartphone manufacturers to bring the new system to the largest possible number of smart phones by the end of the year.

If you own one of the phones pixel camera I recommend you checking your phone settings and make sure the arrival of new upgrade manually, if you already got the Android Bay we shared your experience in the comments.

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