Google one rival Apple TV with impressive features

If you are subscribed to the Google One, there is a new feature for cloud storage service, starting today all of the member processes Google One of the backup copies automatically to the phone as long as you have an Android, you think of water on the function of the current backup of the operating system, which ensures save texts, contacts, and your applications automatically to the cloud, to include audio and video clips and multimedia messages also.

Water available to everyone on the same account, while there are other plans driven by where you start subscriptions Google One of $ 3 per month for 200 GB of storage capacity online, the company introduced the first one in 2018 by the availability of several plans for different prices and with storage spaces varied widely in the United States later the same year

Advantages of the Google one

Google one ينافس آبل بمميزات رائعة أبرزها السعر المنخفض

Still the main reason to get a subscription in the Google One is the advantage of Family Sharing is included, which allows you to split any storage space on the internet buy it with five other people, which is what makes you highly motivated to participate in this wonderful service, however it generally generally represent a feature add backup copies optimised for the phone is necessary and vital to everyone, so that in case of theft or loss it can get back on its content, featuring a Google service and at a price which makes it better against similar offers from companies like Apple.

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