Google open mapping platform in front of the developers of the games

The success of the game Pokemon Joe push developers more towards making games based on where the user is geographically, featured featured games such as The Walking Dead and Jurassic World and now Google is supporting developers to make more of these games.

The company announced that it has opened the platform for their own maps to developers for making games based on the real fact and the location of the user’s geographical location more easily.

And the Google mapping platform for developers into three parts, the first and most important gives access to the data maps in real time where Google pack The development of new applications for Unity famous to facilitate the integration of data maps in the games.

It also provided the Google Programming Interface API allows developers to make game experience related to the geographic location in the real reality. Where help Google developers to find suitable places for games in the different countries of the world.

This be Google has removed one of the most important barriers to the development of such games is the map data so that the success of the Pokémon Joe came over the relative failure of the game Ingress from the same developer company, but benefited from the map data.

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