Google paid $ 15 million to the discoverer of the gaps

Announced Google about the value of bonuses paid by financial researchers security meeting to discover serious gaps in their programs and regulations, the total value even today more than 15 million dollars during nine years only.

In the last year alone I paid Google $ 3.4 billion to $ 317 security researcher, King notes that attention has become increasingly the more loopholes are discovered annually, in the previous year amounted to bonuses Google $ 2.9 million to $ 274 researcher.

Includes the Chrome browser and Android operating system what is most important to pay Google rewards where they took control of half of the bonuses.

Range the value of the rewards Google for vulnerabilities between $ 100 – $ 200 thousand a gap of one according to the gravity of their impact, and last year I got the most serious gap on the 41 thousand dollars.

Expanded rewards Google to Chromebooks and even raised the roof of the rewards for the Android system to 200 thousand dollars.

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