Google Pay Update new Chrome browser supports higher standards of protection

I started the Google company in the payment of a new update for the Chrome browser applies the highest standards of protection, with a password highest efficiency, protection in real time from the operations of Target and users.

The new update comes out to develop a Chrome browser with better protection of the password in the user account, to avoid the penetration of data users, with higher protection in real time from track users, as the update includes some minor adjustments in the user interface.

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Developed the password in the application update Chrome browser to be a separate extension in the browser, and then merged the password in the user account in the month of October, and today supports the Google feature update New supports the protection of the user account and hack the data.

Is to work for the search giant to inform users in case of monitoring any breakthrough in user data automatically, as the browser will suggest to change the password with a new one and more powerful to prevent the penetration of the account.

Google is working on to monitor any breach of the user account through the technique of encrypted works on securing user data during the follow-up to the account.

As the update includes new techniques to prevent the target user on the internet, where this technique works in real-time to on the internet.

Also Google is working to update the list of websites that target the user every 30 minutes, to support the user’s process of Browse safe on the internet, while avoiding the exposure of sites that can be played scams on the users.

Recall that Google has also made some minor changes to the interface of the Chrome browser, which now comes with some new animations of the profile, also to be paid the update the new features gradually to users over the coming period.


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