Google Phone Pixel 4A comes to the design of the familiar camera individual

Provided a range of photo finishes computer an initial look at the phone company the next Google Pixel 4A, so that shows that the phone will contain a flat screen not curved LED 5.7 inches or 5.8 inches include a hole in the upper left corner for the front camera, in addition to having a camera background of the individual, and audio port 3.5 mm.

According to the photos, there are Bluetooth headphone high the top of the screen, with the edges very thick around the screen, but the dialogue at the top of the screen bottom is smaller than the former, it is not clear whether the device will support technology Motion Sense which is based on Project Soli for the gesture, especially since the dialogue is narrower than the Pixel 4.

Turning to the back, show the back of the finishing is glossy with a protruding camera, which looks like the design its the design of the camera Pixel 4 as well as series iPhone 11, but with only one LED flash, according to the famous warrior @Onleaks, there will be more sensors located within the camera module, as there is in the back of the sensor footprint of the actual and a feeling of ‘G’ major.

Offers on the right edge of the button volume control, power button, colored orange, while the upper edge of the audio port of 3.5 mm, while containing the bottom edge of the USB Type-C amplifiers, and shows the design that the phone Pixel 4A will be smaller in size compared to the phone Pixel 3A, thanks to the dialogue narrower, and the dimensions of the device 144.2×69.5×8.2 mm.

Recall that the company Google has launched a series “A” of the phones Pixel the smartphone category is expected in May of this year using the Pixel 3A and 3A XL, which is used in the first half of 2020 to reveal the lineup of phones Pixel 4A, given that sales of its phones have grown at twice the rate in the second quarter of 2019, according to the CEO of the company.

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