Google Photos get engine movies more powerful

Google introduces drive new movies to users of the Google Photos app on Android, which centered his idea on the concept of processing multiple clips at once.

In the past year, provided the application of the photo Google Photos users devices iPhone iPhone, iPad iPad Video Editor new enhanced and based strongly on the application of the Clips to the developer by the company for Fly Labs obtained by Google in the year 2015, where see and use the basic controls to work with multiple video clips source easier compared to other editors in that time, including the application of iMovie with Apple TV.

After more than a year to launch the copy app Google Photos on the iOS, here’s the Google provide engine movies users app version on Android, so the idea is to pivot around the concept of processing multiple clips at once, with the access of the application to simplified design and options to edit more advanced experience provides a powerful portable.

And speaking of features, the edits are more obvious include mix editor for the background dark and get a white background is compatible with many Google Apps and other, as Google has also moved the preview screen of the product planning to the top of the screen, while in the lower part accumulation video clips or other media using indicators that illustrate the parts included in the video.

For those who have worked with the tools of computers, customized desktop to edit videos, design will be more integrated, where is this coordination more efficient compared to the old way, as the aim is the appearance of the new user interface to reduce the time it takes to make adjustments to the length of the article, where they put the new format all the scroll bars in the front and Center for renovations fast.

Also include these changes in the external appearance of other features, like the ability to long press and then pull the handle to a new location for ease of re-identification of the site, Google has also added options such as moving sections up and down in the timeline, with the show or hide the unused portion of the article, or mute, or insert new clips, or duplicate the clip or remove the clip entirely.

Although engine and new looks is a good step forward in Google Photos but it is still consistent to a few of the tools that can make it already a powerful tool for the production of video clips, for example, the themes or main topics applicable to the specific appearance of the video similar to what can Instagram do are still missing.

Similarly, there are no options available to do things like the heart of a clip or rotate a photo, as there is no way to add text to a movie in the editor, this means that users will have to resort to other applications to accomplish these effects and then pull those images and adjusted to the Google Photos.

On a related note, I got the app on the bar to lower the regulation, although this modification is simple, but it has become identical in terms of appearance with the web version of the app, as that tab assistance are no longer the first mark from the left, but I got Google Photos on the process of rearranging the hierarchy makes more sense for the tabs.


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