Google Photos got now to feature internal to chat


One of the features Google Photos in the ability to share photos by creating albums and add them to it. This works well mostly, but what if I just wanted to share a few pictures? Fortunately, it seems that the company Google has found a solution to this puzzle which consisted in the launch of the feature messages within the app.

If you use Google Photos, you will need to know that the Google company has recently made a new feature where users can send messages to each other. Looks like this is somehow how to use the feature to chat with each other and share video clips directly in the messages with each other.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” I have always managed to share individual photos through the app by creating an album for one picture and share the link. But we’ve heard from some that this process can be simpler, so when you now share photos or videos to one, you will have the option to add them to a private chat and persistent in the application. This gives you one place to find the moments that you shared with your friends and family and continue a conversation “.

Is expected to make this feature its way to all versions of Google Photos, including iOS, Android and the Web. Will be launching this feature to users over the next week or so, so that you can monitor it.


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