Google Photos start by providing a feature to search for text in images users

Google Photos

Known Google Images artificial intelligence of its own and the ability to search by objects in your images, including colors, animals, and facial expressions. And speaking of that, I got Google Images for a new feature that allows you to search your photos by text written on it. Not only that, but it will about liberalization efforts.

Currently, you can move to Google Photos Your and write any text you know is on the image you’re looking for. If you want to copy it, just click the button and Lens in the bottom and you will get the possibility to copy and paste words possible. However, our experience with some handwritten notes clarify that the company Google is struggling with short words and words less famous.

The search feature works via text and also on the browser, but you can’t use Google Lens for obvious reasons. They are also struggling with the words corrugated and symbols of the Foreign, so, you must adhere to the printed lines known at the present time.

Revealed fast experience to drive artificial intelligence Google can identify the car’s in the streets, but he can’t address an invitation that contain the word ” Nissan“, so the service is still need more time before you become perfect.


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