Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Lite in one photo! Let’s compare

Earlier in the Network appeared photos of Google Pixel 3 Lite. The smartphone has caused a lot of discussions. Indeed, if the device will cost about $ 400, it may be the best option for lovers of quality photos that don’t want to spend 800-1000 dollars to buy an expensive flagship. Let’s see what Pixel 3 Lite is different from the Pixel 3.

Comparison of the two devices:

As you can see, Pixel 3 Lite has not received the dual’s front camera and the bottom speaker. 3 Lite speaker is on the bottom. The top has a 3.5 mm connector for headphones. Another interesting point is the size. 3 Lite is noticeably narrower and higher than normal Pixel 3. Due to this, the smartphone will be more convenient to lie in the hand, and the screen will fit more information.

Everything falls into place, if we evaluate the technical specifications of the device, Pixel 3 is equipped with a 5.5-inch display, meanwhile, 3 Lite will receive the 5.65-inch.

This serious external differences end. On the background of the Pixel 3, a simplified version looks not too cheap and rusty just because he Pixel 3 initially does not look very fresh, let’s be honest.

Now a few words should be said about the quality of the camera. Many argue that in the Pixel 3 Lite the quality of the photos will be at the level of the Pixel 3, but this view is mistaken. The main reason to think so is the chipset. In the Pixel 3 Lite will be installed Snapdragon 670, Pixel 3 is Snapdragon 845. These chipsets have different processors photos. In the case of the 670 is Qualcomm Spectra™ 250, and in the case of Pixel 3 — Qualcomm Spectra™ 280 ISP. Therefore, even with similar Pixel modules 3 Lite will be slightly inferior in quality photos of your older brother.

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