Google Pixel 4 can obtain system remote control gestures

I agree that it sounds not very plausible, and four months later despite numerous rumors, we can obtain typical Pixel smartphone, which will differ little from its predecessors, but the flow of rumors and speculation did not stop. For several foreign media outlets reported that the system is gesture control on the basis of the Soli Project is under development for the Pixel 4.

Soli Project would be very useful in smart watches

First, it is necessary to recall that in this Project Soli. This project has been years at Google ATAP, and its first public demonstration occurred in 2015. The purpose of Soli — to build a tiny radar system in the chip that can be used to detect hand movements above the device. During the demo Google showed gestures like connecting the thumb and forefinger for virtual clicking or rubbing (friction) of the fingers together for scrolling in lists or adding sound. This technology, in my opinion, would be especially useful for smart watches, where tiny touch screens and the interface itself limit the possibilities of interaction with the device in the same form as we used to see in smartphones.

Like many projects ATAP, Soli for many years remained in the shadows, and it is natural to assume that he was dead, but now the project has received an unexpected approval by the Federal communications Commission (FCC) in January of this year, which breathed new life into it.

In beta Android Q traces Project Soli

Now, about those foreign editions. 9to5Google was the first to spread the rumor that the next Google smartphone will be equipped with the aforementioned remote system of gestures (working on the principle of the locator) and then XDA Developers quickly got actual proof in the form of code. Found in XDA Android Q a function that uses a sensor called “Aware”, which may be more consumer-oriented replacement for name Soli. The latest beta version Q allow Android-based Aware to manage notifications on the lock screen and gestures to mute and toggle music.

Google have experimented with remote gestures since the second-generation Moto X, which was equipped with IR sensors that would allow you to Wake the display and alarm clock or reject calls, simply swipe your hand over the display. This function, before Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, wasn’t useful enough to be used in future smartphones “search giant”. But in General, the Pixel series has long been experimenting with weird input methods. As Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 can be compressed in the hand, and built into the side of the device, the sensors feel the pressure and will cause Google Assistant.

Any of you want a system for remote gesture control of your smartphone? If Soli gets to Pixel 4, Google will have to work harder than that to convince all users that this feature — not just another marketing trick, which you can play for a couple of hours and forget.

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