Google Pixel 4 has a fault detection. Here’s how to enable it

Pixel 4 from the search giant Google, no doubt is one of the most interesting smartphones released in 2019. It is equipped with an amazing camera, beautiful display with a frequency of 90 Hz and one of the most interesting features of gesture recognition that we’ve ever seen thanks to the chip Project called Soli, which we even dedicated a separate article. But the gadget still has something to surprise us. For example, it became known that Google Pixel 4 has a fault detection.

Google Pixel 4 can save in an emergency

How to enable recognition of accidents on Google Pixel 4

Immediately answer the question about how this option works. Using your location, motion sensors, and even the ambient sound that is recorded speakers, Pixel 4, with the help of special algorithms to determine if the user is in a car accident. If the mobile decides that it is so, he can emit a loud alarm. This signal can be disabled, if there is a false positive. And in the case of an unpleasant situation it will be one more indication that in the car someone is.

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If the lock signal did not happen, Google Pixel 4 will automatically trigger emergency services to the scene of the accident. Here’s how to enable this option:

  • Navigate to the application “Personal safety” (this is a pre-application and download its not necessary) and click on the icon of a gear in the corner of the screen.
  • Now choose the item “Definition of accident” and enable this option, if it suddenly turned off.
  • On this page you can try the demo mode to understand how it works.

Upon detection of a crash, Google Pixel 4 vibrates, and, as already mentioned, the beeps. However for the correct work functions are required to give the app access to location data on physical activity and microphone (this is all the program will prompt you when you first start). Also the “Definition of accident” will not work when the phone is in airplane mode or if it is included the function of save battery. So keep that in mind.

During the first 60 seconds after deployment option, the user will be able to pronounce the word “Emergency call” or double-click the emergency call button for urgent assistance. In the case of false positives, you have the option to click “Cancel” or press the “I’m fine”. And then you can send the crash report in the system to Google to improve methods of detection and future to make them more accurate. This is quite a useful feature and we think in this direction and should develop technology. Achievements should not only be aimed at the usability of the gadgets, but also to improve the quality of life. What do you think? Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

We certainly hope that this application is you will never be useful, but to protect themselves will not be superfluous in any case. Also, do not forget that you should not rely on luck or programs on smartphones. Always wear your seat, sitting in the car, and not be distracted from the road while driving.

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