Google Pixel 4a, the first received an important security certificate if you are already running

Security has become the main theme of modern smartphone and just our life. All constantly want for them, nobody watched, nobody could hack their gadgets, and connect to your home network. Sometimes it’s really important but often people just overestimate the importance of safety. This is a big topic for a separate discussion, and while the reason for the discussion threw Google, which released its first smartphone, which is already right at the start is important in the security certificate and thus stands out from the rest. It is, and some other devices, but that Pixel 4a was a bit special in this sense.

Security in mobile much more important. Especially if it’s done wisely.

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The new security certificate Google Pixel 4a

Last week Google announced a budget smartphone Google Pixel 4a. We waited for a long time, but, apparently, was well rewarded with a combination of features and price. Still have details to sort out, but wonder more. Today the company, owned by Google, has confirmedthat the Pixel 4a is the first smartphone which when executed ioXt has been certified by international security standard for the Internet of things.

How to choose secure Android smartphone

Along with the Pixel 4a last year’s smartphones Pixel 4 has also been certified by Secure Internet of Things Alliance (ioXt). Interestingly, this announcement was made just after Google stopped production of smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. However, this does not mean that they can’t meet certain standards and confirmed by documents.

What is the ioXt

The Alliance is concerned with monitoring the program, assessing compliance with the security requirements for connected devices. He currently has more than 200 participants, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, T-Mobile, Comcast, Zigbee Alliance, and many others. In addition to smartphones, certification of devices according to the standard ioXt system includes smart lighting, smart speakers, web cameras and some other gadgets that may enter the system ”smart house”.

This certificate speaks volumes from the standpoint of security. At least they should.

Now smartphones become key devices to access the smart home systems. Of course they should be as protected. Especially considering that smart home is not only automatically turns on the light in the bathroom. It is also the door locks, heating systems, air conditioning and much more that may directly or indirectly affect the security, if somebody gets access.

Google spoke about the breakthrough in the security of data stored in the cloud

As the device receives a security certificate ioXt

To smartphone has been tested for compliance with the standard ioXt for the profile of Android, it needs to run on Android OS and support GMS (Google Mobile Services) or similar services. There is no confirmation of whether the mobile service Huawei (HMS) equivalent GMS or not. Technically smartphones of this Chinese manufacturer, it can be difficult to obtain a security certificate.

The Alliance will consider several factors with several levels of rating. Based on these inspections and the decision of whether the worthy device to obtain a safety certificate.

The validation criteria for compliance ioXt

  • the reliability of biometric authentication
  • the frequency of security updates
  • the duration of security support
  • the quality of the program disclosure vulnerabilities
  • minimizing risks of pre-loaded apps

Safety and performance Google Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a is equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the back panel for secure user authentication. It is also equipped with a specially crafted chip Titan M security to prevent malicious attacks, and hacking code. He also does a lot of work in the background in order to further protect the smart phone from unpleasant situations related to hacking or surveillance.

These guys are becoming harder and harder.

It is unclear whether it is giving something from the point of view of security or are we just told a beautiful story, but actually everything works the same or slightly better than it was before. However, in defense of Google, we can say that she really tries to make their products more secure.

We often talk about Android security on our website, but more useful information you'll find in our Telegram channel.

For example, in November 2019, the company increased the remuneration in the framework of its program of finding errors. Now those who can crack the security chip Titan M will receive the reward to one million dollars. So if you have ideas, don’t miss your chance.

To ensure greater security of your smartphone, Google Pixel 4a, says the company, will be one of the first devices that will receive monthly security updates. How to treat said, decide for yourself.

The security certificate for Google Pixel 4a is sure to boost sales, but does not withdraw the company tops the world rankings.

Google also guarantees to provide major Android updates for at least three years. Initially, the recently released Pixel 4a is running on Android 10 out of the box. Moreover, that ”Pixels” are the first to receive the updates, they are still able to upgrade to Android 14. At least Android 11 this year can be installed on a Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, released in 2017.

It turns out that for $ 349 Google Pixel with such support, security and memory 6/128 GB will be very good. At least the iPhone SE second generation OnePlus Nord will be much more reason to be nervous.

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