Google Pixel 5 may be left without a top-end CPU

For the previous four generations we got used to the fact that Google Pixel is something of a ”Best of the Best”. So it turned out due to the fact that this smartphone have always received advanced hardware, great camera, interesting design and simply endless support Google. After about six months, we have to show the fifth generation of this line, but now has spread nasty rumors. These rumors relate to the filling of the upcoming device. If you believe these rumors, the novelty will not get a top-end processor, as we expect from her. But really it’s not so bad. In some ways, if a company did that, it would be a good thing. Here’s why…

Google Pixel 5 may not be the way we expect.

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Google Pixel 5 may cease to be the flagship

We’ve learned that the new flagship Android phones usually come with the most modern processor. Basically it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon, although there are exceptions in the form of Huawei Kirin and Exynos from Samsung. Although, for the American market Samsung releases their flagship in Qualcomm.

Google Pixel 5, as everyone expects, too, should receive this CPU, but it is likely that this will not happen, and this is for several reasons.

Snapdragon 865 at the end of last year, without a doubt is an excellent processor. But it has two significant disadvantages. The first is its price, which directly affects the final cost of the smartphone. The second negative is its architecture. If just, this processor takes a lot of space in the housing. If harder, it is not the integrated modem X55 and it has to be installed separately. This leads to more complex structures and the lack of space inside the phone.

In Snapdragon 865 have modem support, but not all networks may need. In order not to limit and use a separate modem X55

According to rumors, it is because of these two reasons Google doesn’t want to use the most powerful processor in its new smartphone. It is likely that she will opt for a Snapdragon 765G. It is the second power processor from Qualcomm in the current lineup. This processor is weaker than the 865-th, but is much cheaper, doesn’t occupy much space and it is fully integrated modem that supports 5G. This is the first SoC chip from Qualcomm with integrated 5G

SoC (System on a Chip) - electronic circuit which performs the functions of the whole device on a single Board. In Russian sounds as ”System on chip” or ”SOC”

Space savings in this case may seem insignificant, but it will still be. This will install inside the case a more capacious battery, or additional sensors.

Why the phone needs a powerful processor

There is one rule, which loosely translated can be called ”diminishing returns”. This means that the next stage of modernization, leading to the increase in CPU power is much more expensive than the previous. At some point, you have to spend huge money on minimal improvements. About what happens now with flagship phones.

If the rumors are true, Google sat down and did the math. In the end, they realized that they should not chase the best iron for your smartphone for a minor gain in performance.

Now hardly anyone uses the full potential of your smartphone at one hundred percent and most likely will not notice the difference of performance between the flagship and good middle. Even games work better on powerful smartphones, but still optimized to the mass market more affordable devices.

Games work great on the models, but are created, given that mostly they will be put on average model.

Because Google makes the software and knows all the features of Android, it has a greasy ACE in the hole. If it is good to optimize Android 11 under Snapdragon 765G, buyers generally will not notice the difference in performance. But get a cheaper device. With cutting-edge features and long-term support.

No one model of the Google Pixel never worked through brute force. Her koronacki was always fine tuning. Smartphones just worked and was comfortable to use. Yet another evidence is the Google Pixel 3a. He was not a top iron, but worked fine, just without causing any discomfort. I even recommended it to purchase as still valid phone, but for very little money.

When will the Google Pixel 5

If the pandemic coronavirus no terms will be transferred, the new Google Pixel 5, we should see this fall. A few months earlier should appear Google Pixel 4a. The company will be able once again to confirm your choice.

If the Pixel 4a will work well, Google will be much easier to explain to potential buyersthat they should not chase the numbers in the specifications 12 the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Pixel buying they will get more for less money. At the same time a bit down the wave of criticism that has always befallen the price tag and the battery life of smartphones from Google.

It’s possible that Google Pixel 4a will look like.

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How much will the new Google Pixel

Now there are a lot of good, I would even say excellent, smartphones. Among them, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Huawei P40 Pro, iPhone Pro 11. But they all cost more than $ 1,000. Even OnePlus 8 Pro, due out very soon, in good equipment will cost about $ 800. It is also a wonderful device, but if for the same money will be sold the Google Pixel, the choice for many will be obvious.

I think, if Google will come out of the race for a top-end processor, the price of its new smartphone may be not more than 800-850 dollars. This price will be its main competitive advantage. And a very good support and brand chips Android only to consolidate the success. Moreover, in conditions of economic crisis people do not want to spend a lot of money on the phone. Our editor in chief Renat Grishin just recently talked on the subject of the decline of the era of flagships.

You can say that Pixel just released in two variants (and less expensive). I don’t think it will. It is difficult and will only scare off the buyer. But the transition but a new philosophy and a more friendly price tag will definitely be more simple and effective solution. Something that is even reminiscent of the romance ranih the stages of the path iPhone.

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