Google Pixel Watch. All that is known at the moment

The last time Google came to grips with improving its operating system for mobile electronics Wear OS. Does this mean that the search giant is working on a long-awaited smartwatch, which predict the name of the Google Pixel Watch? It is likely. After a number of leaks have already told us about what can be a timepiece. But some of the insiders even claimed that the announcement will take place very soon — along with the smartphone Google Pixel 4. We decided to prepare you for the event and to gather together all that is known at the moment about the Google Pixel Watch.

What will be the Google Pixel Watch?

The contents

Google Pixel Watch. Release date and price

Perhaps very soon we will release hours from Google

About the possible date of the announcement we have already said, but with regard to sale, then all is not so obvious. Between the hypothetical announcement this October (according to some insiders) and the receipt to the store shelves should not go “over 6 months”. This is to some extent consistent statements by Google, which a year ago said that in 2018 the new hours we will not see.

At the same time about 2019 and 2020 such statements still have not been received. In the report portal WinFuture says that the Google Pixel Watch has reached its second level verification of the design. And this series of tests is important because it allows you to test the device before mass to market and, accordingly, the announcement.

As for the price, currently no idea about how much this watch will cost. Given that the range of devices range Pixel is usually quite large, you can expect different configurations of gadgets at different prices. We should not expect that the price will be above the main competitor in the face of Apple Watch.

The “filling” of smart watches from Google Pixel

For smart watches is important not only beauty but also functionality

From the point of view of the specification, about the hours Google Pixel not much is known. However, it is expected that inside we will see Wear 3100 Snapdragon from Qualcomm, as well as “integrated circuit power control” integrated into the chipset. It will allow the clock to constantly listen for voice commands, not discharging the battery. Although more convenient option would be to build in a clock control system of gestures, which we reported earlier (so as not to miss out on such materials — follow us on Telegram). But the appearance of the Project Soli Google Pixel Watch is extremely unlikely.

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A number of leaks suggests that we can expect at least one version hours with 1 Gigabyte of RAM, and a module LTE and NFC chip, which can be used to make payments.

Controls Google Pixel Watch

A rotating bezel is a pretty elegant solution

On the possibility of gesture control we have already said. However Google Pixel Watch can get no less interesting feature is a special bezel around the screen. Samsung Gear Sport uses something similar. But if there’s the rim, so to speak, “physical”. That is, it rotates with it and is used to control the fact that Google reportedly testing touch the rim. But this management option will give much greater freedom in the use of smart hours.

Other features Google Pixel Watch

If Google will indeed use the module LTE and NFC for payments, they should think about the security of the device. The ideal option would be to use a thumbprint scanner built into the display. Using the built-in fingerprint scanner biometric technology would easily fit into the concept of a wearable device. Also expect the full technology dust – and moisture protection, as all competitors have long provided solutions that make it effortless to use for hours in the pool.

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