Google plans to add the effects with augmented reality in Android Messages

I began the search giant in Test 5 of the new effects possible with augmented reality in Android Messages which come to the experience of trying to Snapchat.

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Skip the Google apps messaging Android Messages an array of new features that compete with apps Instagram and Snapchat, in the framework of the investigation that began the search giant brought in new features to attract the more users.

I have monitored the new developments in the application by the developers of XDA, where the assured developers that Google is testing now already effects new report augmented reality in the app, where the experience of the new tools through a dedicated button in the camera application Android Messages to on effects of augmented reality, where comes this button next to each of the buttons audio and video.

This includes the developers of XDA that Google choose 5 of effects in the present, where one of these effects the fee of carbon in the form of aircraft shows the user’s face from the window before take-off with the effects of balloons which require the front and rear, while come effects other fireworks in the vicinity of the user.

Definitely still water in a test phase in the Android app Messages in the current time, so can not determine the time to launch this feature in the app for all users.


I know of

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