Google plans to bring the mode to ” Dark Mode ” for the browser Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Night mode ” Dark Mode ” is something we see in more apps and services these days. For example, I got the platform YouTube on this night mode on the web version and the mobile version, and now it seems it’s the turn of Google Chrome for close to the same situation. However, you should take into account here that the night mode of the browser Google Chrome may be available on the system is MacOS only.

According to what has been monitored by the developers in the forum XDA Developers, it seems that the team behind the Google Chrome browser looking for brought night mode for users of MacOS. The reason for this is that the MacOS Mojave New brings with it a preset night mode, which essentially says to change the current system colors to the colors of the bleak, this is what the team plans to take advantage of it and apply it to the browser Google Chrome.

Accordingly, it seems that it hasn’t been released yet, but at least being worked on which means that users of Google Chrome to see it later. There is currently no information about whether the browser Google Chrome for Windows will get the same feature or not, but we wouldn’t be surprised in case if the company decided to Google test this situation in the system of MacOS before it was released on more operating systems.

We don’t have any information about the time that will be where this feature is available, so will need users of the browser Google Chrome to be patient. In the meantime, if you are users of Google Chrome who want to get a night mode, there are some plugins that you can check them as an alternative.



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