Google plans to update preloaded apps without the need to login

قوقل تُخطط بتحديث التطبيقات المُحمّلة مسبقًا بدون الحاجة لتسجيل الدخول

Once you buy a new phone or you re-live it, log in to Google is the first step you should do, as without you will not benefit from any application on the phone, this of course includes the App Store, Google Play, and at the same time won’t benefit from the app update coming in advance, but may change in the future, which will require Google to change it.

Based on what indicated by the company, where it plans to start testing a feature that would allow applications that were previously downloaded the update via Store Google Play even if I wasn’t logged in, in this regard the company “that will provide an experience more consistent for users, as well as help developers reduce the overhead costs required to support versions of old applications”.

Finally the company will tips to developers to make sure that any update on the application they will work properly in the absence of an account, this change will not be applied only on the hardware they work on, the issue of the “Android Lollipop the latest”.

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