Google Play brings to sell audio books



Google wants to rival Amazon with its service Audible famous where the first to sell audio books through the store Google Play with providing appropriate discounts in the prices.

Monitoring of the site 9to5Google interested to follow news of the company Google and its ad company to begin selling audio books through the store Google Play with a discount offer of 50% of the price of the first book is purchased.

Were devoted to Google a whole section in her store to sell audio books is not currently accessible. It has already appeared evidence in the analysis of the application store Google Play since last November referring to audio books, and even found evidence in the Application section e-books in Google Play With regard to by Audio.

It seems that Google want to differentiate their service not only on the level of prices proliferation, but are likely to provide the possibility to move to a specific chapter through the pronunciation of his name only, this is not something offered by Audible from Amazon but you need to pronounce the chapter number only.

Of course it won’t launch Google service before to be integrated more minimum at least like sync your reading between multiple devices and the support piece Google the Dreamcast to run the reading on the TVs.

Reports indicate that the proceeds of the audio book last year rose clear, several Western companies in this field, but it can’t match the Audible is owned by Amazon.

What situation stroller? I think that the path is too long in front of Google to this market where you need to digitize books and to obtain intellectual property rights and then setting the audio, as well as to interest The Reading Cart In the lows.


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